10 Mei 2014

3 Years...

Dear Ayah...
I wrote this on 5 May 2014...
Today we've missing you for 3 years..
I believe you are in the very best place in heaven now sweetheart..

We miss you a lot...
I wish I took more pictures of you when you're still beside me.. But you dont really like to be photografed.. 

Actually, i did took many pictures of you..
I took your picture when you were walking beside me..
I took your picture when you were sleeping, when you were eating, when you were just doing nothing... 

After 2 very hard brain surgery, after all that you've been through fighting this diseases, I was just so afraid of losing you someday.. So I took a lot of pictures of you so I can remember you and the moment with you always... 

And I'm glad I did it... 
Eventhough I wish I did it a lot more..

Miss you my husband in heaven..
Bunda, Harsya & Syifa miss you so much.. But dont worry about us.. we are doing just fine..
May you rest in peace Ayah..
We always send you kiss and hug through our prayer.. 

4 komentar:

  1. Innalillahi, turut berduka cita, mba. Semoga mendapat tempat terbaik di sini-Nya

  2. terharu bacanya mbak. Pasti suaminya senang melihatnya disana

  3. Gak sadar mata jd berkaca-kaca baca nya.

  4. Turut berduka cita ya mbak, Hidup terus berjalan dan tetap semangat yaaa...kiss kiss for Harsya & Syifa. God Bless You all...


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